-Julie M., RI

This was an email Ashley received from a client, Karen, after a pet session. Lela is a sweet, yet fearful pup that was rescued by Karen's parents. Karen's dad has Alzheimers and their original intention was to have a companion for themselves. Lela fell in love with and was attached to Karen immediately. Karen and her mom hired Ashley to understand what Lela's past was like, to receive guidance of how they could help Lela feel safe in their home, and how they could help Lela feel more connected to Karen's parents. Ashley gave Lela energy healing, past life healing, and lots of treats:

"Ashley has done readings for my wife, myself, and two of our dogs and ferret. I believe in what she does, because things she has a felt or said regarding our animals or passed loved ones has been dead-on accurate. She has told us things about ourselves that we have never expressed to her. In addition to being just flat-out amazing with her gift, Ashley is simply a caring, pleasant, and all around wonderful person. She has been guiding me, personally, through the beginning of my own spiritual journey. If you are looking for a great person that is easy to be comfortable with and extremely easy to talk to while gaining the answers you seek, there is no one I would recommend over Ashley." 

-Karen, RI

"Ashley came out and read all my animals. I have 5 dogs and 2 horses. She knew nothing about any of them. She was spot on and did an amazing job. She also was able to connect with another dog I had that passed away and described him perfectly, even though she had never seen him or even knew about him. She was able to confirm health issues on all my pets. She could feel where their energy was "stuck" in them and worked to get it moving again. I have 4 golden retrievers and have every intention of having her regularly check them for any health issues in their very early stages...ie...cancer. This way when she feels something "off" we can stay ahead of any medical issues with our vet. She was also was able to connect with my husband who passed away and give me a message from him. Ashley is amazing and I highly recommend her." 

-Tom, RI

-Ashley, MA


"Ashley is always so positive and gives great guidance and advice!"

"As a Professional Pet Sitter for over 20 years, I LOVED Ashley's Animal Communication class!  I was able to put her practices into my work the VERY next day! I have always thought that "my " animals "talked" back to me, but always thought (and told by others) that I was border-line crazy.  But in Ashley's class, I learned: Noooo, I was NOT crazy and hundreds of dogs, cats and birds WERE communicating with me!  How Empowering, enlightening, exciting and fun!!  Ashley, her knowledge, and her presentation were by far the BEST!!!  Take her class, you will never be sorry!!"

-Lisa, RI

"Ashley I can't begin to tell you how much your session with Lela has meant to us all. You are incredibly gifted and so connected.
I watched Lela go up to Dad on her own about 6 times after you left! She was smiling at him and licked his hand! He doesn't remember but he's happy to hear it. (I moved home because he's 82 and starting to fail. He has good days and bad days)
Lela is back to sleeping in my bed at night and she's so happy she's bursting! When she got into bed last night I saw lots of sparkles popping in her belly area. I just have to work on potty training with her!
Thank you again so much from the bottom of our hearts.
We love you and appreciate your beautiful heart and soul!!!"