Ashley is also available for Barn Readings!

​Typically done at horse farms/barns, Ashley goes from stall to stall as each animal individually receives a communication and energy healing session.

Cost:  $40 per 30-minute session (at least 3 sessions need to be booked per barn visit)


$30 per 20-minute session (at least 4 sessions need to be booked per barn visit)

Have you ever wondered what your pet was thinking? How they were doing emotionally, physically, or mentally?
Or is your pet exhibiting an odd behavior that your veterinarian or trainer does not understand and cannot "fix"?

If you have any kind of questions or concerns about your pet, than an Animal Communication and Energy Healing session could be beneficial to yourself and your pet!

Each of us has a physical body as well as an energetic body which includes chakras and auras. We store information in our chakras and auras such as our mood, thoughts, and experiences. When Ashley connects to the energy of your pet during a Pet Session, she is able to receive information from your pet and relay that to you (as if your pet is speaking words to her). Ashley connects intuitively to your pet and feels their sensations, both physical and emotional. 

An animal communication session with Ashley is your time to ask and tell your pet anything you would like, and they have the chance to do the same.

If your pet has behavioral, emotional, or physical issues that medical and behavioral professionals cannot explain, they may be energy-based.  Ashley finds where the issues stem from, discusses it with you, and sends healing energy to assist in the release of the issue.

If your pet is a rescue animal, this is an opportunity for your pet to fill you in on its background before coming into your life, and Ashley can help to heal potential traumas experienced during that time.

Each session is unique.

Please bear in mind that like humans, animals have free-will and allow healing to occur when they are ready and open to it.​

Ashley is available for house calls, phone sessions, and Skype sessions.

​Cost: $88

**Disclaimer: Ashley is not a medical, behavioral, or training professional for animals. It is strongly advised to connect with a veterinarian or animal trainer prior to using Ashley's services in regards to your pet's issue. If your pet is being treated by a veterinarian and/or they are working with a professional animal trainer, Ashley's services cam be used in assistance to those services.**