Empowerment Session

Reiki/Intuitive Healing

Personal-Style Readings
A host and their guests each receive messages at separate times in a private room of the host's home.
5-10 readings pe
r party (Including host).
​Each reading lasts 20 minutes.
Each party lasts 1.5-3.5 hours.

House Party Services available for Personal Style Readings:
Card Reading
Pet (Animal Communication) Reading
Mediumship Reading
Intuitive Reading

​Cost: $25 per reading 

Mediumship Reading

Gallery-Style Readings

A host and their guests sit together as a group as each receive messages from Spirit.
5-10 people per party (includ
ing host).
Each party lasts between 2-3 hours, depending on the amount of guests.

House Party Services available for Gallery-Style Readings:
Intuitive Reading (The "Anything Goes" kind-of-reading!)
Pet (Animal Communication) Reading

Cost: $25 per person​​

Ashley likes to call Reiki "Plumbing for the Soul". 
We humans (and our pets, too!) not only have veins and arteries which are the pathways for our blood to flow throughout our physical bodies, but we also have meridians which are the pathways in which our energy flows through our whole being and energy bodies. The different energy bodies we have are: Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual bodies. We also have energy centers in our bodies called Chakras.

​Just as our blood pathways can get clogged with cholesterol due to certain factors, our meridians (and Chakras) can get clogged with old, stuck energy. That can happen through experiencing and carrying on to stressful situations and people, carrying old vows and beliefs in our minds (for example: holding onto when someone told you something negative about yourself that was NOT true, but you held onto it and began to believe it!), and holding onto stress, anger, sadness, etc. 

These old, stuck energies can do damage to our overall well-being.

Reiki is pure, God-Source energy. It is the highest form of Love. It's intention is to bring one back into balance, to live a happier, more peaceful existence.

Ashley uses her Reiki knowledge and training along with her past life knowledge of Shamanic Healing and also any tools her Spirit Guides give her to give you a profound, unique, and peaceful healing.

1 hour Session​
​Cost: $88

**Disclaimer: Ashley is not a medical, behavioral, or psychological professional. It is strongly advised to connect with a professional of the medical psychological, etc. field prior to using Ashley's services. If you are being treated by a medical professional, Ashley's services can be used in assistance.**

Card Reading


This kind of reading has been deemed The "Anything-Goes Kind-Of-Reading".

Without the use of "psychic" tools for all or the majority of the reading, Ashley connects with your energy and allows whatever has top priority of needing to be discussed or healed to be brought forth, and you may ask for clarity on any topic in your life.

Current pets and deceased pets and ancestors can come through during the reading as well. 

1 Hour Session
​Cost: $88

Intuitive Reading


House Parties

Not your average "psychic" reading, an Empowerment Session is a mixture of a psychic/intuitive reading, coaching session from your spirit guides, and healing session.

Ashley connects with your energy and personal spirit guides to get a read on anything significant that has and/or is happening in your life: experiences, people, cycles, etc. Your guides, through Ashley, give you empowering messages, energy healing, and powerful tools to heal and support you. Throughout the reading Ashley sends you Reiki and, depending on what comes to the surface in the session, will clear others' energy from your energy field, cut cords, clear karma, etc.

1 1/2 Hour Session
​Cost: $144

Perfect for those that would like a simpler kind of "psychic" reading, with the use of cards as a visual tool.
[Tarot, Angel, and Oracle] Cards are an intuitive tool that have been used for many years. A form of divination, cards give insight and clarity to those that seek it.
Ashley has a large selection of Oracle cards and always intuitively chooses a card deck that compliments you and your energy to give a more substantial reading.

1 Hour Session
Cost: $88

*Ashley is available for house calls, phone sessions, and Skype sessions.*

A medium has the ability to connect to and be a mediator between you and your deceased family members, friends, pets, ancestors you have never met, angels and guides.

A mediumship session gives you the knowledge of what loved ones (humans AND pets!)
  are guiding, healing, and loving you from The Other Side and exactly how they are.

Be open to receiving the beautiful messages from Spirit!

1 Hour Session
​Cost: $88