Ashley is a natural healer, intuitive, teacher, medium, and empath.

She has been experiencing connection to spirits, angels, energy, and past lives, since a child. At the age of three, she remembers laying in her bed at night attempting to fall asleep. She felt something was near her, opened her eyes, and saw a white, oval-shaped glow (aura) hovering above her stomach. She then felt and saw the glow descend into her stomach. She told her mom that an angel had "gone into her tummy". Ashley realizes this is when she was given her gift of Clairsentience, energy sensitivity, and her gut intuition was amplified.

Animals, nature (especially rocks/crystals and trees), and music were her first loves.  As a child she loved being outdoors surrounded by the trees, grass, rocks, birds, her beloved dog, Mishka. She would even sit in the backyard of her childhood home and try to connect with her neighbors' cats (actually meowing at them in attempt to speak their language). Nature was her playground! Unbeknownst to Ashley, it helped in integrating her new gift as well as clear her energy field of anyone else's energy. Ashley was a happy, playful, mischievous fairy-child.

​​Ashley purchased her first deck of Tarot cards at the age of 13 and would do readings for her friends and relatives for fun.

In her teenage years she shut down her gifts. Being a sensitive, intuitive, and empathic human became overwhelming without tools and techniques of how to care for herself and her energy, which caused great social anxiety and depression. That is when she drew inward and kept to herself, indulging in music, yoga, and dance (without realizing how those things were a form of therapy for her soul, helping in clearing her chakras and energy field of others' energies).

Always intrigued by psychics and mediums and past lives, Ashley became incredibly drawn to the works of Sylvia Browne, Doreen Virtue, and Brian Weiss in her late teens and early 20s.

​She received her first Reiki treatment in her late teens and it was years later, when she received an Angel Reading from a woman that would be her future Reiki teacher, Ashley received a message from her deceased grandmother stating that Ashley was a healer, medium, and animal communicator and was not tapping into her abilities. 

That brought her on the path of becoming attuned to Reiki in 2011 and Ashley became a Reiki Master Teacher in the summer of 2015. During those years, she dove into spirituality more than ever. Learning more and more about energy, our auric field and chakras, angels, spirit guides, ascended master, Shamanism, animal communication, fairies and elementals, and crystal healing, and fine-tuning her gifts.

Since that Angel Reading, Ashley has crossed paths with many spiritual beings that have assisted in the growth of her spirituality and personal healing. Having a greater understanding of her gifts, energy, and strength as well as who she is as a person and soul has incredibly diminished anxiety, fear, and depression from Ashley's being. 

Ashley knows it is her mission in life to heal, assist, and support the growth of humans and animals alike..  To help humans see, feel, and know how truly wonderful and beautiful they truly are, to help pet owners understand their pets better by being a voice for animals, and to help children and teens with gifts (and their parents!) feel safe, supported, loved, and absolutely awesome!